NAB 2020

NAB 2020: A Telstra Digital Experience

Telstra is committed to supporting the broadcast media industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A message from Telstra about NAB 2020

  1. The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many event organisers to cancel or postpone hundreds, if not thousands, of events worldwide as many of us have been directed to work from home and limit face-to-face interactions to prevent the spread of the virus. In early March, the world's largest broadcast media convention, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) cancelled NAB Show 2020, which was originally scheduled for April 18-22, 2020. Telstra’s aligns to NAB’s decision as our primary concern has always been the well-being of its people as well as our customers, partners, and those we meet at events. 

    To make it even easier for you to connect with us, we’re hosting some of the content we would’ve shown at NAB Show 2020 here to showcase how Telstra is connecting the world to Asia, and Asia to the world. Learn more below. 

New Partnerships and Capabilities

Telstra has furthered invested in our Global Media Network (GMN) with technology advancements and partnerships to meet the needs of the broadcast industry.

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Int’l Remote Prod. 1

Produce quality events without a full scale production

Remote production affords the capability of producing events without sending an entire production team to work onsite.

Int’l Remote Prod. 2

Making international remote production possible

Broadcasters can send a minimum number of people with cameras and audio equipment to the site of the transmission and have all feeds sent back to a central location and produced remotely making international remote production possible.

Int’l Remote Prod. 3

Uninterrupted transmission and broadcasting

High quality international remote production is possible with Telstra’s global media network. Allowing feeds to be delivered to a central location with continuity.

Int’l Remote Prod. 4

Synchronised Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for live, International Remote Production

The broadcast and telecommunications worlds have converged thanks to IP networks allowing a synchronised establishment of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) which is a key ingredient in delivering international remote production.

Events & Tours Part 1

Delivery options for major events

Join Carl Petch & Steve Dargham from Telstra Broadcast Services as they discuss multiple delivery options when delivering a major event or tour.

Events & Tours Part 2

Delivering major events and tours from pre-, during, and post-event

Join Carl Petch & Steve Dargham from Telstra Broadcast Services as they share their experience delivering major events and tours from pre-, during, and post-event.

Connecting the World to Asia, and Asia to the World

Telstra is a leading telecommunication and technology company with expertise in the Asia-Pacific region. Supported by a world-class media fibre, satellite, IP and data network infrastructure, Telstra Enterprise and Telstra Broadcast Services provide a range of network services and broadcast operations to companies across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Learn more about our capabilities below.

Illustration of sports icons on TV


Major Events & Tours

Deliver more engaging viewing experience to your audiences globally with curated networks and solutions.

Learn more about Major Events & Tours

Illustration Technician standing in front of control desk


International Remote Production

Deliver raw content via a high capacity fibre network between media edge devices to geographically diverse production facilities.

Learn more about International Remote Production

Map of the global with different locations connected

Network coverage

Global Content Distribution

Telstra's global media networks delivers live, linear and file-based content over satellite, fibre, IP and media network partnerships with scalable service assurance.

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Illustration of gaming console connected to TV playing football game


Gaming and Esports

Provide the ultimate gaming and esports experience with our high-capacity, low-latency network.


Network map being displayed on tablet device


Connectivity & IP Transit

Communicate and collaborate with your content and broadcast teams across the globe with our secure connectivity solutions.

Learn more about Connectivity & IP Transit

Team standing in front of screens watching content playout


Streaming and Online Delivery

Deliver consistent, secure, high-quality online experiences audiences expect with a network that gets content closer to your end users.

Learn more about Streaming and Online Delivery

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