Broadcast Operations

Digitally transform your broadcast operation with leading-edge technology solutions

Telstra offers professional and managed services to support digital conversion of your broadcast operations. From API Systems Integration to Remote Hosting, our team of broadcast technology experts can create a solution to support your media workflow.

As the chosen partner of the world’s leading broadcasters, Telstra Broadcast Operations delivers millions of hours of content a year to viewers all over the world. Combining traditional technology with the latest in IP systems, we deliver your content seamlessly keeping everything on track. With 24/7 booking, Master Control Room monitoring and management of your content means our specialists are working to provide the best services possible, ensuring you are reaching and engaging fans globally.

Key features


A fully managed 24/7 service for the creation of broadcast-grade linear and complex television channels

Media Hosting and Disaster Recovery

Reliable, secure media hosting in our Tier 4 London and Sydney Broadcast Operations Centres.

Content management & orchestration

A fully managed or platform-as-a-service offering, providing media asset management, content orchestration of complex media workflows, and localisation.

Occasional use services

With 24/7 broadcast booking and operation teams, we enable you to contribute premium live news, sports, corporate and entertainment coverage from your location to destinations around the globe.

Telstra Broadcast Operations Centres

Dedicated 24/7 facilities with Master Control Rooms in London and Sydney managing over 400 satellite, media and data services in and between Asia Pacific and Europe.

Cloud connectivity

Connect to leading cloud platforms with robust performance and flexible capacity on our high performance network.


Format flexibility

Flexible encoding and transcoding of linear or file-based means your content can be received and sent in any of the major formats.

Confident delivery

We make it easy for you to deliver engaging, high-quality content to global audiences on any platform by combining traditional technology with the latest in IP systems.

Automated reporting

Analyse your content’s performance and inform your business decisions with access to enhanced automated monitoring and reporting on service delivery in near real time.

Cost-effective content production

Our Hosted MCR services ensure your content is delivered without needing your own dedicated management infrastructure.

Improve resilience

Connect to major networks in Australia and internationally and improve your business’ resilience with our extensive, secure media data centre offerings.

24/7 support

Around the clock, we monitor and manage all content that comes into our Broadcast Operations Centre to give you confidence that your broadcast will reach your audience as planned. Our bookings, operations and engineering teams are all available 24/7 to support your business.

Why Telstra?

News reader being broadcast on tablet device

Purpose-built solutions

We built our solutions to handle the unique challenges faced by broadcast media and content providers, meaning you can be confident they’ll meet your needs.

broadcast monitoring station

Industry alliances

We’ve forged strong partnerships with leading technology providers like, so you can leverage our combined expertise for leading-edge solutions.

Man connected to network

Empowering you

Business transformation is an ongoing, evolving opportunity. We work on providing you with the right tools and understanding to run the show.