Special Events Network

Advanced broadcast operations

Deliver the fans a memorable broadcast experience. The Special Events Network (SEN) is an aggregation of dedicated teams, high-bandwidth broadcast media technology and advanced support for major events requiring bespoke managed solutions.

Telstra provides a managed solution, with dedicated on-site and remote support, all with rapid deployment so that you can produce a world class special event.

Key features

Managed solution

Dedicated media teams and technology supporting the delivery of high-value, high-profile media events.

Media delivery

Bespoke solutions requiring the highest level of redundancy, planning, design and execution, as well as advanced onsite and remote management from TBS broadcast engineers.

Network diversity

True end-to-end diversity across Telstra’s owned and consigned fibre network providing no single point of failure.

Low latency

Shortest reliable and diverse subsea cable routes with lowest latency.



Enhanced SLA with embedded expert support broadcast and telecom​.


Industry complaint active network elements.


Resilient network and professional edge devices.


Appropriate ratio of hardware backups.

Why Telstra?

TV in living room

Proven capabilities

As the chosen partner of the world’s leading broadcasters, Telstra Broadcast Operations delivers millions of hours of content a year to viewers all over the world.

Proven capabilities in remote production

Making new broadcast ideas reality

We continually invest in our networks, platforms and people, and our partnerships with customers, to turn ideas into new broadcast solutions.

Man at desk

Expertise to match your business needs

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners who can help you build complete, integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

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