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Discover how Telstra Purple transformed spare part management at Evolution Wellness
· 19 July 2021 · 3 minute read

Evolution Wellness is the owner and operator of Asia’s largest network of health brands, including Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, GoFit and Fire Fitness. As an organisation with hundreds of clubs throughout Asia, Evolution Wellness was looking to deliver increased value to employees and customers by using technology to digitise its core processes. To achieve that goal, Evolution Wellness engaged Telstra Purple to assess where it could modernise processes without committing large sums of money to new digital transformation projects. Focusing on the Singapore region, Telstra Purple provided a solution that allowed improved visibility and management of the thousands of spare parts required to keep gym equipment fully functional, thereby improving the end-user experience.

Key Issues

Evolution Wellness’ technicians previously kept track of the parts required for repairs on a single Excel spreadsheet, alongside other manual processes. That meant they had to rely heavily on technicians to manually update every time they took a spare part from a store or warehouse, or when they finalised a repair on a machine. 

If this was not done properly, stock levels for parts would not be accurate. This resulted in technicians frantically searching for parts across different clubs and stores in Singapore, taking taxis from location to location, and ultimately driving up expenses. 

A similar problem would occur if technicians took too many parts. Stock levels would be thrown out and repair parts would be unavailable. This meant procurement teams would have to order a new part, which often came from overseas and had long lead times on delivery. Meanwhile, the faulty gym equipment would just sit there, broken. 

This was frustrating for customers and costly for Evolution Wellness in terms of time and money spent looking for parts.


Telstra Purple worked with Evolution Wellness to totally transform the way it handled equipment stock issues and supply chain management – all without embarking on a new, expensive digital transformation project. 

Using Evolution Wellness’ existing Office365 subscription, Telstra built an inventory management application using the Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate.

The app allows Evolution Wellness’ procurement team to load stock data into the app, so that technicians can see exactly where stock is located and how many parts they have on-hand. If stock was taken or moved, it is automatically reflected in the application so that procurement teams have more visibility over stock and more time to assess whether new orders need to be made.

As part of the process, Telstra Purple: 

  • Developed a robust inventory management application in just four weeks on the Power Platform, improving Evolution Wellness’ utilisation of the solution. 
  • Worked closely with the customer’s procurement teams and property managers to develop the app, making sure it met business needs and the teams were trained up on its use.
  • Provide ongoing support to Evolution Wellness in terms of expanding the use of the app and troubleshooting any issues

Several team members have been amazed by the platform’s capability and they’re now talking to their line managers about using it more broadly across our business


Evolution Wellness has been able to completely streamline its inventory management capabilities. Because technicians no longer need to aimlessly search for stock parts around Singapore, Evolution Wellness saved a tremendous amount of time and time and money, and put its employees’ skills to better use. This has led to a reduction in monthly technician expense claims for things like taxis by approximately 40 percent and reduced the downtime of equipment.

Evolution Wellness’ procurement teams also know exactly how much stock they have on-hand at any point in time. Not only does this provide guidance over when to order stock, but it also allows them to quantify the value of stock sitting in stores, empowering the team with the insights to streamline their finances. 

The project was also designed and delivered over short lead times using an existing Office365 subscription, creating an incredibly cost-effective development process.

Telstra Purple has brought the power of Office365 to the forefront both for me and my wider team. The Purple team were truly amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier.

- Nick Gray, Facilities Manager, Asia at Evolution Wellness.

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