Telstra Hybrid Cloud - Fully Managed Service

Unlock best of both worlds with hybrid cloud

Get the business outcomes you want without compromising what’s important to you with an integrated, flexible and secure cloud environment.

Key features

Capture the power of cloud with Telstra Hybrid Cloud, a fully managed service ideal for businesses seeking ability to provision resources at a moment’s notice. Telstra Hybrid Cloud is hosted on a dedicated hybrid cloud environment powered by Equinix Metal and fully scalable and adaptable for your future business needs.

Global Presence

Hosted across 25 locations in APAC, EMEA and Americas.

Integrated cloud environment

Well integrated to optimise application performance and operational efficiency to enable your business to do and achieve more.

High speed connectivity

Available to public cloud, SaaS and other service providers.


Keep your business moving

Build a secure foundation for your business with our customised service levels and performance across multiple platforms.

Optimise your ICT investment

Buying across public and private clouds gives you the freedom to choose the right options for your business.

Empower innovation

Bridge cloud-native, SaaS and/ or packaged apps that run on different platforms to make innovating for your people and customers simpler.

Better application performance

Dedicated hardware can speed up app response times and deliver high performance network connectivity with familiar interface for control.

Visibility over your entire cloud environment

Integrate, migrate, scale and deploy cloud workflows and applications as you need them, with the visibility you need to make it happen.

Assess to top-notch technology consultants, solution experts and networks

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, Telstra International and Equinix will work with you to embrace change and accelerate success.

We developed a new customer offering that delivers on consumable services in a secure cloud environment, with connectivity to public cloud providers. 

Why Telstra

One partner for all your cloud needs

Simplify your IT management with access to leading cloud platforms, networks, expertise and tools all in one place.

Control your clouds

Gain more control over your environments and services with our range of over-the-top cloud management software and services.

Support every step of the way

Start your cloud journey the right way with expert advice on architecting and managing environments to suit your organisation’s objectives.

Provide your end-users with a better experience

Enhance your application performance with direct connectivity to leading cloud platforms via our fast, resilient network.