Simple, effective connectivity

Get simple and effective connectivity for your Wide Area Network (WAN) with our Ethernet VPN (EVPN) suite of services. This is an ethernet-based Layer 2 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint telecommunications service delivered over Telstra’s MPLS network under E-Line and E-LAN by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Enjoy highly resilient network connections between headquarters, data centres and office locations in geographically dispersed sites—all on the same type of equipment used in your Local Area Network (LAN).

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Key features

24X7 monitoring support

Supports the performance and reliability of the global VPN network with ISO 27001 certification on its provisioning process.

EVPN networking

Extends your network to run a hybrid EVPN network concurrently with seamless Class of Service (CoS) mapping.

Online reporting tools

Access to Performance reports for services through portals that enables you to monitor your global traffic.

Service Level Agreement and 6 Classes of Service (CoS)

Provides you with service levels for metrics including service delivery, availability and network performance.

Wide range of Ethernet speeds

Extends from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, with a choice of bandwidth increment options in VLAN or Transparent mode.

Burstable bandwidth

Increase your traffic volume beyond your subscribed base bandwidth to meet ad hoc business needs.


Burstable bandwidth offer

Additional bandwidth is available in response to sudden surges in traffic volume, allowing you to increase traffic volume to meet ad hoc business needs.

Flexible data management

With six CoS, you can differentiate between application types and prioritise business-critical traffic. This service is transparent to higher-level protocols and has the ability to transport both IP and non-IP protocols.

Simplified network management

EVPN makes network set-up and configuration simpler via auto-discovery of new sites, reducing the need for highly skilled internal staff to manage hardware and network. Scale up and down as your needs evolve without unnecessary cost of change.

Highly versatile

Choose from three configuration options: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or any-to-any configuration to meet your different business requirements. All three options have been MEF CE2.0 certified for the E-Line and E-LAN service types.

Robust, low-latency performance

Ensure seamless connectivity for your business with built-in fault tolerance included as standard with our EVPN services— delivered over a robust infrastructure based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology.

Privacy and routing control

EVPN offers the control of Frame Relay and ATM networks, combined with the high performance of MPLS technology. Control your end-to-end IP routing and security to get the performance you need while meeting compliance requirements.

End-to-end Quality of Service

Intelligent Network Interface Devices (NIDs) are installed as standard for end-to-end support, turn-up tests, diagnostics, troubleshooting and on-going performance reporting.

Leverage Telstra’s dynamic global network

Get inherent network resilience, plus security and customer segregation with our MPLS network. The Telstra network has extensive coverage in Asia-Pacific, with global reach and capabilities such as sub-second rerouting of traffic via tunnel engineering and customer VLAN tag preservation.


Why Telstra

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration and application underpinned by our Next IP network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

A network to rely on

We monitor our network around the clock with dedicated operating centres using advanced management systems. We can provide helpdesk support and proactive response to manage problems as they happen and restore services.

Extensive, fast and reliable network

Connect to new opportunities around the world with a subsea cable network that reaches more than 400,000km – enough to circle the world almost 10 times. You can access more than 2,000 PoPs and connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories globally, on a network consistently ranked amongst Asia’s most peered IP networks by Dyn’s Internet Intelligence.