The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity

The last 18 months brought enormous and unexpected change across the globe, and across our telecommunications networks. COVID-19 has heavily increased the demand for connectivity, as the world embraced a more digital way of life.  From a carrier perspective, the first months of COVID-19 saw records being broken across the world’s networks. Data demands were spiking, driven by population-wide moves to remote working, use of on-demand video, and digital and cloud acceleration.  Furthermore, we have seen a number of environmental and regulatory trends fundamentally alter the industry landscape in Asia. 

Connectivity in and to Asia

Asian connectivity has traditionally focused on the hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan but now is increasingly moving to Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea and Australia.


Taiwan is emerging as a new Asian hub of connectivity. Telstra as the only foreign telecommunications provider in Taiwan offers a full suite of solutions cater to the enterprise, wholesale, tech and cloud segments. Through our combined offering of terrestrial and subsea connectivity, we try to ensure maximum services uptime against potential outages caused by earthquakes.


Telstra has continued to expand its business in South Korea and is now the country’s largest foreign telecommunications provider. Telstra Korea partners with both enterprises and domestic carriers to offer a range of international network products and services tailored to our customer’s requirements. Telstra Korea offers end-to-end connectivity solutions from major data centres based in South Korea to a variety of international locations whilst using our wholly owned subsea cable systems.


Telstra is the largest foreign subsea capacity provider to the Philippines and has operated in the country for more than 25 years. We can offer flexible terrestrial and cable routings in and out of the country, and holistic network advisory to local providers by: building their connectivity infrastructures, optimising their services, and strategising their new product roll-outs.

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Australia has now emerged as a new tech hub for connectivity across Asia and the Pacific. Developing cloud infrastructure, improving ICT ecosystems and enhancing automation are all key objectives for connecting Australia within the region and to the world.

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