Telstra-Equinix Alliance Partnership

Simplifying your cloud connections to drive digital transformation

Since 2015, Telstra and Equinix have invested in a partnership focused on simplifying cloud connections and providing the best digital transformation platform available. Our end-to-end capabilities, flexible technologies, and expertise can help accelerate your transformation journey and deliver greater value from your investments. 

Equinix provides world-class interconnectivity data centres, while Telstra provides a world-class global network and deep technical skills—and together, we bring you an end-to-end hybrid multi-cloud solution that can be your springboard for innovation. 

The Telstra-Equinix Partnership – where we can help you

Digital Transformation

The combined technology, global reach, and industry knowledge from Telstra and Equinix make us the right partners to seize new opportunities in this digital age.

End-to-End Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Move your disparate databases, leverage cost efficiencies, scale, and business continuity, and choose the right mix of clouds from 350+ providers with our end-to-end multi-cloud offering.

Secure Platform

Our secure, consolidated global data management platform provides a consistent and intuitive user experience for any device, application, cloud, or location.

Telstra managed network solutions

Managed Services

Migrate to cloud with strategic consultancy services delivered by Telstra’s skilled experts in public, private, and hybrid cloud transformation.

Joint Service Offerings 

With Telstra and Equinix on your side, you can connect to the industry’s most powerful cloud ecosystems, network connectivity solutions, and multi-cloud interconnection services wherever in the world you need them. Leverage our end-to-end capabilities, flexible technologies, and unparalleled expertise to extract full value from your digital investments.

Telstra Programmable Network

The industry’s first globally connected, on-demand networking platform, Telstra Programmable Network (TPN) delivers flexible network and cloud connectivity to over 175 cloud service providers, leveraging our 2,000+ Points of Presence around the world and connecting you in more than 200 countries.

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Platform Equinix

The global interconnection for global businesses, this solution provides your business with the capabilities to be digitally ready through interconnection and edge services. Deployed in the highest-quality data centres strategically located across the world, it accelerates digital transformation with game-changing advantages in speed, performance, and scale.

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Telstra Octagon

Our partnership has enhanced the Telstra Octagon financial services solution and expanded global access and direct connectivity between the United States and eight of the world’s major futures and commodities exchange. This solution provides millisecond advantages for financial firms seeking low-latency connectivity and access to an ecosystem of more than 1,250 financial service companies.

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Telstra Purple

With over 1,500 experts across network, cloud, security, collaboration, and more, Telstra Purple works closely with businesses like yours for the design, building, and delivery of outcome-based cloud solutions. Our Purple teams focus on how the cloud will impact your business, then assist you on migration to ensure a smooth transition with minimal risk and disruption.

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Addressing Evolving Healthcare Needs in The New Normal: A Case for Digital Infrastructure

Register here to read the whitepaper by Equinix and Telstra to discover how healthcare and life sciences organizations in the Asia-Pacific region have enhanced the efficiency of their services delivering greater value for patients and, what holds in the future.


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Discover how we’ve partnered to create progress for our customers

Transforming an IT environment for future opportunities

Discover how Telstra and Equinix helped Aware Super meet its performance, scale, and flexibility needs with quick, seamless interconnectivity worldwide.

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A new strategy to create better user experiences

Carsales leverages Platform Equinix® and TPN to optimise applications across its global business, and to deliver an agile, consistent user experience.

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Why Telstra?

Strong alliance

Our partnership goes back to 2015—and since then we have brought innovative solutions built on our combined strengths for customers across the world. Telstra’s robust, global network and Equinix’s data centres deliver solutions that can help transform your business in this digital age.

Holistic offering

The partnership between Telstra and Equinix ensures that we can bring you a holistic offering when it comes to cloud—so you can choose between or to combine solutions from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, Google Cloud, and VMware.

Connect to more cloud service providers

Combining our strengths means more options for your business—depending on your business requirements, location, and cost considerations. You can connect to over 350 cloud service providers across to the world and extend your reach to where you need it.

Delivering success to businesses in Asia and beyond

We have a great track record of delivering successful solutions to businesses in Australia, Asia, and beyond. Our 230+ joint customers (to date) have been enabled with our joint service offerings to thrive in an evolving business landscape. 

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Discover how Telstra and Equinix can drive innovation for your business.